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Bring learning home for your tiniest coworkers


20 pre-prepped activities– 5 Art, 5 Sensory, 5 Big Body, and 5 Little Hands activities– delivered to your door step so you can spend time on what matters most: teaching and spending time with your kiddo!

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Let's Go Camping!


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Subscribe and Save

Every month we will release a new "Big Box" theme. Select a subscription to have a Le Village Unboxed "Big Box" automatically delivered to your house every month. 

Add-On Seasonal Fun

Our monthly "Big Boxes" are general themes like Dynamite Dinosaurs or Fun on the Farm! We have small "Seasonal" add-on boxes that study holidays and provide cultural education. You can add these onto your big boxes, or buy them as a one-off!  

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Sales and Delivery

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Our sale dates close the first weekend of every month. We spend the next week hand-crafting our made-to-order boxes. Deliveries happen the second weekend of every month. If you missed the cut-off date of the first weekend, you'll get the following month's box. 

Learn and Grow

Your box will come with 20 pre-planned and pre-prepped activities. What does that mean? It means 5 fine-motor activities that focus on pinching, pulling, or grasping. 5 sensory activities that include pre-dyed rice, or legumes, or play dough and figurines. 5 art activities that include paint,brushes, stickers, glue etc. And 5 gross motor games with balls, balancing, or dancing! 

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Mother's Day Special Edition Box

Set yourself up for a perfect morning to celebrate the amazing Mama in your life! 

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